Top-Quality Bathrooms

Are you looking to construct a bathroom? Prairie Kraft Specialties LLC provides quality bathrooms that are durable and will serve the purpose. Our products are low maintenance thereby saving you a lot of money. We are experts in the Tongue and Groove D-Log system.

Our family-style bathrooms are designed to offer your guests privacy and convenience. Our solid log construction with insulated doors, LED accent lighting, wall-hung toilets and sinks, heat lamps, and high capacity ventilation fans provide a durable building that is beautiful as well as functional.

Commercial bathrooms often see as much use in one year as your residential bathroom sees in 100 years. Our bathrooms are built to last!

Each private “Full Unit” consists of a toilet, sink, shower, clothes hanger, and bench seat. The “Half Units” contain a toilet and sink. All bathroom buildings are planned with at least one ADA unit.

We recognize that each campground is uniquely designed to offer a great variety of floor plans. We are happy to customize any floor plan to better suit your requirements.

Add a laundry facility in your satellite bathroom to pay for your new bathroom. In addition to this, also look at adding a full basement for mechanical and storage purposes, a dog wash, and much more.

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