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Kamper Kitchens

Kamper Kitchen, 36' Diameter

The Kamper Kitchen is an aesthetically pleasing structure which adds beauty to your campground. You will find your Kamper Kitchen is the place where people gather to socialize, wash dishes and make new friends.

Tour and family reunion groups love the convenience of the Kamper Kitchens and often plan their itineraries to stay in campgrounds that offer them.

Generate additional income by offering pancake breakfasts or evening barbecues with the entrees prepared in front of your guests. The Kamper Kitchen is not limited to only a kitchen function and can also be used for live entertainment, slide shows, guest speakers and much more.

Complete with pressure treated logs, decking nails, stain, electric package, counters and countertops. Fixtures Plumbing and Electric Package contains three sinks, sink strainers, and faucets; two electric double-element stoves; electric barbecue; hot water heater, water and drain piping; valves and pipe fittings; circuit breakers and wire; Corra/Clad and fittings for stoves, barbecue and hot water heater, and a drip irrigation system with all fittings.

Hexagon, 36' Diameter - $21,086.00
Fixtures, Plumbing & Electric - $4,808.00
Paver Package - $3,158.00
LED Light Package - $2,036.00

All prices are subject to change.

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